Who We Are!!!

Timpax Transglobal Limited (TTL) is a Nigerian-owned private company of supply chain & logistics solutions incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 2022 with operational headquarters in Portharcourt-Rivers State, Nigeria.

TTL offers logistics services, agency services & general haulage targeted to meet our clients demands timely, accurately, cost effectively & safe delivery of goods and services in a transparent, flexible and efficient manner. With our proficient staff dedicated to customer satisfaction, we are open to partnership with reliable supply chain & logistics service providers to comfortably meet the increasing demands of consumers.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide logistics supports to deliver our clients services and setting standards of professionalism in logistics solutions. We strive to operating our business profitably; reliably, transparently, accountably and safely with ethical business practices to both our clients/partners and employee.

Our Vision

Our vision is to proffer lasting logistic solutions to our clients with critical logistic challenges as an indispensable partner with commitment, experience and knowledge of the terrain.


Our core values are transparency, professionalism, reliability, accountability, partnership, growth, integrity, respect, safe delivery and law compliance.


Reliablity is the cornerstone of our logistic services. We stand as a Logistic company that you can rely on, no matter the circumstances


Our Logistic solution is driven by innovation. We explore technologies and utilizes a innovative solutions to optimize your supply Chain.


We do not just pledge quality but with us, quality is guaranteed. Our quality assurance proceedures ensure that your cargo arrive in an outstanding condition.


Our Customers are at the forefront of our focus, your needs are our priorities. Our team is always available to ensure your contentment.


Oue efficient processes, technological innovation and dedicated team gurantee the swift and cost efficient movement of your cargo across any distance, thereby providing your business with a competitive advantage.


One of our major concern is safety and security. We go to great length to ensure that your cargo is protected throughout its journey. We guaranteed its protection from start to finish of its journey.

Our Areas of Coverage

Our logistics company takes pride in its nationwide coverage across Nigeria. From bustling Lagos to the far reaches of Maiduguri, we span the entire landscape of this diverse and dynamic country. What sets us apart is not just our extensive reach but also our deep-rooted local expertise. We understand that Nigeria's logistics landscape can be challenging, with varying infrastructure and regulatory nuances from state to state. That's why our team of professionals is well-versed in the local intricacies, ensuring that we provide tailored and efficient logistics solutions wherever your business operates within Nigeria.

Our reach spans the entire breadth and length of the nation, linking businesses and communities through seamless transportation and supply chain solutions.

The transport infrastructure in Nigeria plays a pivotal role in logistics, and we specialize in efficiently navigating this intricate network. From the nation's roadways to its ports and airports, we bring forth extensive knowledge and experience to ensure the seamless transportation of your cargo. We possess the expertise to effectively handle road conditions, mitigate traffic congestion, and address security challenges, all of which are essential to guarantee the timely delivery of your cargo.