Parnership with Success

Timpax Transglobal Limited (TTL) offers logistics services, agency services & general haulage targeted to meet our clients demands timely, accurately, cost effectively & safe delivery of goods and services in a transparent, flexible and efficient manner. With our proficient staff dedicated to customer satisfaction, we are open to partnership with reliable supply chain & logistics service providers to comfortably meet the increasing demands of consumers.


Proffering the best supply chain solutions from pickups to safe deliveries of the right products, in the right quantity, in the right time, at the right place to the right customers, at the right price and in the right condition.

Supporting clients with logistics needs to meet the increasing demands of end consumers. Ensuring partnership with reliable and reputable clients for profitability and collective growth of parties.

Nationwide coverage of bulk courier shipment and delivery, fully insured, with quality control and quality assurance in hauling journeys, constant monitoring/reporting and complete or groupage cargo’s.

We are Reliable, Accountable and Ensure Safe Delivery

Customer Satisfaction

Professional and quality customer service personnel, focused on handling communications holistically on clients concerns complaints and orders timely, accurately reasonable costing, packaging and safe deliveries. Respectfully and efficiently attending to factors affecting customer satisfaction and optimizing products and services.

Administrative Expertice

Well organised and equipped staff with proficient and competent administrative values with professional business approaches in the day to day operations. Supporting all supply chain procedures, from coordinating deliveries to managing shipment and understands the order fulfillment cycle.

Journey Management

Providing clients with a relaxed shipment experience of consignments, conscientiously assessing, managing and monitoring goods, following a well-planned process and undertaking journeys in compliance with safety requirements.


Maintaining the integrity and accountability of the organisation and operations with a comprehensive approach of implementing and ensuring adequate safety and surveillance measures in monitoring the supply chain process by preventing external factors of risk on the shipment to goal zero.


Well enlightened proactive and effective representatives, with expertise marketing capabilities of satisfying potential and current clients with best strategies in maintaining the integrity of the company and customer relationship, with priority to deliver a top notch marketing services to meet client’s expectations.


Positioned ideally to handle and support easy transportation of packages and a stress-free journey experience, with well-planned journey and tracking system targeted at delivering quality waybilling services swiftly, cost effectively and accountability of waybills to meet your transit time requirements safely.


Committed to close the gap between production and distribution of goods, offers provision for modern and efficient warehousing solutions and terminals for temporary storage of all kinds of products at an ambient and specialized temperature and humidity.

Inventory Management

Dedicated to ensuring professional and efficient data management systems to effectively capture accurate stockholding of data, to provide clients with visible and quality assurance of stock in custody. Making informed decisions on orders, stocking, restocking, shipments and monitoring of stock.


General merchandize of products in sales, warehousing and inventory management. Offers one-stop shop priorities to provide outstanding service to customers, whilst driving a relentless focus on cost to service.